Setting Up Imminent Monitor 5

12. October 2017 Tutorial 0
Introduction Imminent Monitor uses a client-server model with two individual programs installed separately like so: Imminent Monitor Controller Installed on a main (trusted) machine (the administrator’s workstation) Imminent Monitor Client Installed on the remote computers connecting to the Controller via IP address or DNS Ports Section 1 To accept connections you must listen on a ... Patch Notes

03. December 2017 Software Update 2
Improvements: Updated Task Manager, Window Manager, Microphone Chat, Recovery, MessageBox and Computer Management user interface (now fully html and themeable) Cleaned up Javascript Improved CEF Security Improved client obfuscation Watermarking improved Additions: Added UPnP Support Changes: Added Snow to login & register page Switched to Christmas logo Fixes: Fixed DPI Scaling in Remote Desktop GDI32 ...

Setting Up Imminent Monitors Dedicated Server on Linux

02. November 2017 Tutorial 2
Installing Mono To install Mono please follow the instructions on this page according to your Linux distribution. Once you have successfully installed Mono please run the following command to install dependencies we need: sudo apt-get install mono-vbnc Running The Dedicated Server To begin, please navigate to your Imminent Monitor installation directory, and find the folder named “Dedicated ...

Small Update –

18. October 2017 Software Update 0
Improved performance application-wide Fixed Malware Scanner plugin Added rootkit scanner to Malware Scanner plugin Improved password recovery for Chrome (rebuild your client) Improved exception handling Remote Desktop error message fixed Installer updated to install SlimDX and .Net 4.5.2 dependencies A small hotfix has been pushed to the builder to fix the download feature in the ...