Imminent Monitor – – Multi Platform Support on the Way

09. October 2017 Software Update 0

First of all, thank you all for waiting so long for this update. This update is to lay the ground work for Imminent Monitors cross-platform Client, along with some exciting changes to the Remote Desktop feature, and stability improvements

The cross-platform client is being built from the ground up in Java, and is currently 80% done, when this update comes out (very shortly) this means you’ll be able to use Imminent Monitor to remotely manage your Linux servers (every flavour supported), and remotely administer your Mac OSX machines. Please note, the Java client is almost complete, and won’t take more than 2 – 3 weeks to be fully live.

New Features:

  • Added 60fps support to Windows Remote Desktop (DXGI 1.2)
  • Added “Swift Support” feature
  • Added FPS limit feature to the Remote Desktop
  • Added new system monitoring feature, under the “Statistics” tab in the System Managers window
  • Added Operating System icons


  • Re-coded Client & Server connection code to support multiple operating systems
  • Improved Remote Desktop server sided performance
  • Improved KeyStroke logger stability
  • Improved Geo-IP Database and added the “Local” country flag
  • Installation dialog improved
  • Added syntax highlighting to KeyStroke Logging and Server Logging
  • Re-Organised right click menu on the main panel
  • Improved stability when multiple clients are connecting at once
  • Heavily re-factored Client and Server code
  • Updated Windows RDP


  • Re-Enabled the “Upload” feature in the File Manager
  • Fixed port spam when viewing the terms of use on builder page

Imminent Monitor Swift Support:

Imminent Monitor Swift Support is a brand new Imminent Monitor feature designed to make remotely assisting your friends or family simple fast & easy.

Just simply open your Imminent Monitor controller, and navigate to the “Ports / Dedicated Servers” tab and click the link to “Generate Swift Support Code”, please ensure to fill out all necessary fields, once you have your dialog should look something like this:

Swift Support

Now simply send the Swift Support official download link to the PC you wish to assist located here:

Now simply copy & paste your connection code into the field, select the options that are desired and click “Connect”


This is the beginning for the “Statistics” feature, currently it only monitors CPU, RAM and Network Usage. Monitoring for more services will be available shortly.

Multi-Platform Teaser:

Swift Support & 60 FPS Showcase