Imminent Monitor Features

Command List


File Explorer

  • Clean interface
  • Lists all drives
  • Ability to search files & folders
  • Shortcuts to popular directories
  • Execute files & folders
  • Delete files & folders
  • Rename files & folders
  • Create new folders
  • Set wallpaper
  • View list of images in directory in a gallery
  • Upload files
  • Download any file size, at fast speeds

Remote Desktop

  • Ability to stream at 60fps thanks to our motion detection algorithm
  • Multi-monitor support
  • Fullscreen support
  • Ability to control mouse movement, clicks & keyboard
  • FPS limit & bandwidth control sliders


  • View CPU & RAM usage in the past 24 hours
  • View upload & download speeds in the past 24 hours
  • Ability to delete & refresh logs

Gathering Computer Specifications

Displays the following:

  • Client Identifier
  • Unique Identifier
  • Public IP Address
  • Private IP Address
  • MAC Address
  • Operating System
  • Computer Name
  • Computer Username
  • System Privileges
  • Installed Screens
  • Processor
  • Graphics Card
  • Ram
  • Ram Usage
  • Battery Usage
  • Last Reboot
  • Installed Anti-Virus
  • Firewall Status

Task Manager

  • Interface designed to look exactly like Windows 10's Task Manager
  • Refresh processes
  • Kill selected process
  • Suspend selected process
  • Resume selected process

Window Manager

  • Retrieves all Visible and Invisible window handles on the system
  • Change window text
  • Suspend window
  • Resume window
  • Hide window
  • Show window
  • Minimize window
  • Restore window
  • Close window

Registry Manager

  • Interface designed to look exactly like regedit
  • Create new values
  • Edit values
  • Delete values

Startup Manager

  • Shows Windows startup entries from various locations
  • Refresh list
  • Delete startup entry

Command Prompt

  • A Remote Version of the command prompt on the Client machine
  • Full encoding support

TCP View

  • Lists all TCP connections on the Client machine

Clipboard Manager

  • Retrieve current clipboard text
  • Ability to change the clipboard text

RDP Manager

  • Installs Imminent Monitors RDP Manager on the system
  • Add new user account
  • Remove user account
  • List all user accounts created by Imminent Monitor

Reverse Proxy

  • Ability to merge your own connection with your clients machine as a proxy

Password Recovery

  • Recover passwords from Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, FileZilla and Opera Web Browser
  • Save passwords in an easy to view format

Machine Management

  • Hide/Show Desktop Items
  • Hide/Show Windows Taskbar
  • Shutdown Machine
  • Reboot Machine
  • Log Off Machine
  • Hibernate Machine
  • Suspend Machine
  • Turn Desktop Monitor Off/On
  • Block/Unblock Mouse/Keyboard input


Camera Surveillance

  • Support for all plug and play cameras
  • Ability to change quality of stream

Keystroke Logging

  • Logs formatted daily
  • Live keystroke logging
  • Ability to delete remote logs

Client Management

Update Client

  • From file or direct link
  • Automatically updates your clients Imminent Monitor version to the latest

Remote Execute

  • From file or direct link
  • Executes the given file on your client's machine

Elevate Client Permissions

  • Elevates your client's machine permissions from user to administrator


  • Run VBS, Html and Batch Scripts on your clients machine


  • Manually sends an Imminent Monitor ping packet to your client


  • Manually refreshes your client's dynamic information


  • Manually restart your client's process


  • Disconnects the client's Imminent Monitor networking


  • Uninstalls the Imminent Monitor client from the client's machine

User Support


  • A text based chat with your remote client


  • Display a message to your client

Microphone Chat

  • Have a compressed, real time chat with your remote client

Text to Speach

  • Speaks words on your clients machine

Send to website

  • Opens the given website on your client's default browser


Client Builder


  • Add your name/company name
  • Add contact email
  • Choose between visible & invisible client mode

Network Settings

  • Input IP or DNS
  • Choose a port number
  • Assign a group to your client

Module Protection

Explanation of these features can be found here

  • File Integration
  • Set File Properties to "Hidden"
  • Ensure Client Remains on Startup
  • Disable Taskmanager
  • Process Security Flag
  • Critical Process Flag
  • Process Watcher

Client Startup

  • Enable/Disable
  • Choose the registry entry name
  • Choose a custom installation folder name
  • Choose a custom executable name

Assembly Information

Changes the following file properties:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Company
  • Product
  • Copyright
  • Version
  • Assembly Icon

Main Settings

Network Settings

  • Automatically start listening when Imminent Monitor starts
  • Show notification when client connects
  • Play sound notification when client connects

Application Settings

  • When minimizing, send application to system tray
  • When closing, send application to system tray

Ports / Dedicated Servers


  • Add Port
  • Remove Port
  • Check if port is open
  • Start/Stop Listening on ports

Dedicated Server Manager

  • Create Imminent Monitor dedicated server
  • Automatically connect to dedicated server

Generate Swift Support Code

  • Generates a Imminent Monitor Swift Support code for use in Swift Support

Client Tools

Proxy Manager

  • Lists all proxies created by Imminent Monitor, and active proxy connections

Client Thumbnails

  • Show's all active connections in a thumbnail grid, showing either Desktop or Video source


  • Run command's on Client machines as they connect to your Imminent Monitor server

Client Map

  • View all of your clients on a interactive map